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Guaranteed Rate Field, Chicago, IL

Thom and Mayor Lightfoot at the 2019 Serafin Party

Chicago, IL

Governor JB Pritzker and Thom at the 2019 Gubernatorial Inauguration

Springfield, IL

Serafin team members Robert, Jim and Tyler with DuPage Co. Board Chairman Dan Cronin

Chicago, IL

Thom provides political analysis on Fox Chicago

Chicago, IL

Westfield unveils the new Terminal 2 at LAX. (Pictured, from left) Nolan Rollins, Board of Airport Commissioners and President/CEO of Los Angeles Urban League; Parker Gundersen, VP of DFS North America; Mayor Eric Garcetti; Deborah Flint, CEO of Los Angeles World Airports; and Peter Lowy, co-CEO of Westfield

Los Angeles, CA

Communication Strategies for today and beyond

For more than two decades, Serafin & Associates, Inc., has delivered cutting-edge, full-service communications and public affairs strategies to clients seeking a trusted partner to navigate complex issues, build strong coalitions, manage reputations, and craft winning messages. With a seasoned team of communications professionals, Serafin brings a host of unique skillsets – honed in newsrooms, government administrations, digital hubs and C-suites – to best meet client needs and position them for success.

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Communication Strategies

Getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. It's critical to know what to say, when to say it and to whom when developing a customized communications plan. We specialize in tailoring messages that resonate, and conveying them effectively to reach broad-based or specific audiences for maximum impact.

Media Relations

Telling your story the way you want it told. As former journalists, we know what reporters are looking for. We understand what makes a compelling story and how to respond, leveraging the media in any situation. We work closely with our clients to best frame their message, and we employ our existing relationships with members of the media – including broadcast, print and digital journalists – to get that message heard.

Crisis Communications

Enhancing and protecting your reputation and brand to weather any storm. We prepare our clients to handle any situation that may arise by developing and implementing comprehensive communications strategies before they are needed. We provide the staff, resources and communications tools to successfully engage the public, media, customers, stakeholders and governing bodies.

Government Relations

Making a difference with difference makers. For more than 25 years, Serafin & Associates has built relationships of respect and trust with policy makers from both sides of the aisle on the local, state and federal levels. We create targeted public affairs strategies that identify key players, and utilize the most effective ways to get them to listen. Possessing a keen understanding of complicated policy matters, we bring the necessary skills to advocate for legislative initiatives and regulatory issues spanning a wide range of issues.

Coalition Building / Grassroots Support

Growing support from the ground up. Winning support for a client's goal requires forming coalitions, educating stakeholders and key audiences, mobilizing groups and identifying third-party messengers to generate media attention and influence decision makers. At Serafin & Associates, we understand the process and know how to execute tailored plans to drive the debate and create alliances, through coalition building and public campaigns.

Digital Strategies

Acting up online. You can’t rely on a website and email to ensure digital success. We know how to build communications and public affairs strategies through social media engagement, to activate supporters and get your message across. We help our clients fully utilize the digital world for building effective grass-roots campaigns, targeting specific constituencies, and connecting with the media.

The Team

Serafin’s team of seasoned communications professionals brings a host of unique skillsets to the table. Skills and traits honed in newsrooms, government administrations, digital hubs and C-suites can be found across the highly decorated team at Serafin & Associates, Inc.