Engagement & Advocacy

Growing solid relationships, creating events that resonate, reinforcing your perspective in the public affairs environment.

Public Affairs Strategy

Coordinated strategies to inform, educate and build support for initiatives requiring public, administrative, legislative or regulatory action. A wholistic public affairs strategy sets appropriate expectations with residents, public officials and the media, identifies potential sticking points, cushions hotspots and builds goodwill necessary to maintain a permissive environment.

Coalition Building

Identifying, recruiting and activating partners to support your goals. Organizing allies around key issues, tapping into existing networks, bridging differences to find common ground and building the infrastructure to advance shared goals.


Grassroots/Grasstops Outreach

Generating awareness and creating a path to action, giving voice to community members and policy makers. Informing and educating the public and stakeholders about the issues that affect them, identifying messengers with a story to tell, mobilizing support from the ground up or the top down, ensuring supportive voices are heard by the right audience.

Community Relations

Appreciating local perspectives, creating understanding, becoming a better neighbor, sharing success. Identifying areas for interaction with residents and neighbors, creating clear and consistent communication paths and procedures, bringing social responsibility commitments to life, creating effective partnerships, demystifying processes.


Government Relations

Advocacy with public officials at municipal, state and federal levels. Executive, legislative and administrative outreach strategies. Coordinated engagement for government procurement, policy initiatives, and land use/development decisions. 

Event Planning

Controlling the details to sharpen the focus on the message, from guest lists and media pitching to run of show and on-site management. Precision planning and coordination to ensure that conferences, launch events, announcements, groundbreaking and facility tours are coordinated at every level and work for your audience, stakeholders and the media.