Joshua Robbins

Joshua Robbins is Serafin’s senior client leader, providing counsel, strategy and a tactical edge to clients and project teams facing complex public affairs challenges in any industry sector.

Joshua believes elbow grease, tenacity and preparedness will win the day, and the confidence he projects inspires clients, stakeholders and partners to reach higher as well.

Joshua has deep expertise in strengthening emergency response systems, preparing for litigation, engaging employees and stakeholders, positioning businesses in the marketplace and guiding communications for business process design, customer satisfaction and engagement. He’s spent 20 years moving between C-suites, boardrooms, factories and five-star groundbreaking events.

Prior to Serafin, Joshua served as director of special communications at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, helping to lead a massive transformation of the $23 billion state agency. He was director of special projects for George Voinovich’s 1994 Ohio gubernatorial campaign.

He is rarely separate from his laptop or mobile phone and his desert island pick is obvious to anyone who knows him: An iPhone charger.

Joshua earned his undergraduate degree in Media Management from Ohio’s Miami University, where he served as a student member of the Board of Trustees.