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What's your story?

Let's Tell It
You’re here for a reason -- and it’s not because you typed “Chicago public relations firms” into your browser. You have a story to tell. A project to launch. A media issue to address. A crisis to face. Welcome, that’s why we’re here, too. At Serafin, every engagement starts by listening to our client’s needs and goals. Then we craft unique communications strategies to ensure your audience hears just what you have to say -- nothing more, and nothing less.
The fast-evolving world of public affairs, public relations and crisis communications in Chicago and beyond demands an agile partner. Serafin works 24/7 to help our clients in the private, public and nonprofit sectors demonstrate value to their customers, their stakeholders and the public with clarity and authenticity. Whether it is City Hall, the state Capitol, the C-suite, a community hearing or a digital conference call, we’re at your side wherever you need us. Because no matter how complicated the world gets, we know that human relations are at the heart of every communications need. Connecting people has never been more important, and we do it with vision, passion, tenacity and integrity. That’s the Serafin Difference.

Strategy Meets Tactics.

We are a full-service firm specializing in integrated communications management that extends each client’s reach to key audiences and stakeholders, enhances and protects their brands and creates new opportunities to fulfill their missions. Our expertise includes:

Message & Media

The who, what, where, when and why of establishing your story.
  • Message Development

  • Digital/Social Media

  • Earned Media

  • Media Relations

  • Communications Training

Craft Your Story

Image & Reputation

Controlling the narrative in good times and bad, managing the unexpected, positioning individuals and brands for success.
  • Reputation Management

  • Critical Issues Management

  • Crisis Preparedness

  • Executive Positioning

Prepare Purposefully

Engagement & Advocacy

Growing solid relationships, creating events that resonate, reinforcing your perspective in the public affairs environment.
  • Public Affairs Strategy

  • Coalition Building

  • Grassroots/Grasstops Outreach

  • Community Relations

  • Government Relations

  • Event Planning

Engage Meaningfully

The Serafin Power Poll: Valuable Insights For Tumultuous Times

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges every norm of organization, society and government. The world is constantly changing around us and so are the attitudes, needs and concerns that determine success.

Against this backdrop we have launched the Serafin Power Poll, an interactive polling platform that surveys more than 1,000 business, civic, media and political insiders to produce valuable insight into what some of the Chicago region's most influential citizens think about pressing civic issues.

To meet the moment, successful organizations must demonstrate value to employees, stakeholders and customers, with purpose and confidence. In this data-driven world, our human connections are vitally important.

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For decades, we’ve gathered the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at the same place at the same time to celebrate our friends, thank our clients and kick off the holiday season. This year, we’ll miss the packed house, bumping into people we haven’t seen since the previous party, surprise appearances and annual attendees. But despite the tough year and the distance our feelings of gratitude and our friendship live on.

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