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Illinois Channel visits the Serafin holiday Party

Thom Serafin on Chicago Gun Violence

Last week, Thom Serafin sat down with ABC 7′s Charles Thomas to discuss the growing epidemic of gun violence in Chicago. As incidents and deaths persist, City Hall’s message of safety and proactive measures comes under intensified scrutiny.  Thom offers his insight into how to put the issue in context without belying the burdensome reality Chicago faces.



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All about the economy

August 11, 2012 –  Early this morning, former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney made a bold decision selecting Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his Vice President running mate.

For public affairs specialists like Thom Serafin, though, the Ryan choice indicates a commitment to commandeering one simple election message: it’s all about the economy.

As part of a WTTW (PBS, Chicago) Chicago Tonight panel Thursday, Serafin acknowledged the effective messaging of the Obama campaign, but predicted that a Ryan pick “changes that paradigm.” Serafin said that Ryan’s economic strengths would refocus the campaign squarely on the economy.


Serafin on FOX Chicago

Thom Serafin on the final Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucus.  Check him out on FOX Chicago.

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