Tyler Clark


Tyler Clark served the people of Illinois as the first chief of staff for the Department of Innovation and Technology from July 2016 to February 2019, overseeing all business operations of the 1,500-person department and its $1 billion budget. He led the effort for the unification of state government IT functions in the new DoIT agency, bringing together personnel, policies and practices to advance digital transformation and help bring government closer to the people of the state.

Tyler’s leadership in modernizing the state’s approach to IT and creating a new agency with unanimous bipartisan support from lawmakers showcases a knack for bringing people together that has been at the heart of our business for 30 years.

He also understands the forces driving innovation and the ever-increasing speed that defines our world. It’s an increasingly complicated environment, and the need for sharp insight and clear communication has never been greater. At Serafin, Tyler will help our clients align strategy with actions.

He brings his experience as an agency leader, legislative liaison and policy analyst to our consulting practice that includes ex-Chicago news managers, government communications and public policy specialists, political campaigners and public relations advisers to Fortune 500 companies around the country.

Prior to his work founding DoIT, Tyler served as the Senate Liaison in the Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs, advising on government operations, public safety and higher education while working with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. Before joining the administration, he was a policy analyst for the Illinois Senate, advising on issues relating to taxes, local government, and economic development. He has served as field director for multiple state Senate political campaigns.

Clark earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and his master’s degree in public administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He is a member of the Illinois State University Alumni Board of Directors. He lives in Chicago with his wife Christine and his dog Grace.