Tate Stafford

Tate Stafford brings the focus and determination of an elite athlete to all of her work for Serafin & Associates clients – no surprise, given she competed with the nation’s top gymnasts while training as an Olympic hopeful.

While her days on the uneven bars are probably behind her, Tate still hits the mark when it comes to creating dynamic marketing solutions and fresh ideas for the world of 24-hour communications.

Before joining the Serafin team, Tate worked for a financial startup where she was an all-around performer, responsible for re-branding, website development and overall establishment of cohesive, multi-channel marketing strategies.

The Texas native has lived from one end of the United States to the other and developed a passion for travel early in life, visiting more than a dozen countries. She studied Advertising and Public Relations during her undergraduate career at Loyola University Chicago and seized the opportunity to study international communication during a year in Rome.

She redesigned and relaunched the marketing website for Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center while spending a year immersed in the culture of Italy, where she developed an appetite for the language and a taste for prosecco.