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Matthew is a world traveler who thrives on making connections and building bridges. With nonprofit and corporate experiences from around the United States and Mexico, he brings a broad perspective to the table. At Serafin, Matthew combines that wide-ranging view with a sharp eye for detail.

A photographer since a young age, he first experienced a DSLR camera while on student expedition with National Geographic through the Grand Canyon and San Juan River in 2012. Matthew worked as a staff photographer starting his freshman year at Marquette University’s student media organization, rising through the ranks to become photo editor. His work was featured in the Spring 2017 Marquette University Literary Review, including the cover photograph. Matthew considers photography to be both a profession and a passion.

He took a year away from college to tour the world with the international nonprofit organization Up with People, performing community service work during the week and a musical production each weekend. Matthew explored 14 countries and lived with 24 host families during the yearlong tour. As a Spanish-speaker, he did two months of advance work in Mexico for the group’s stop in Toluca, where he lined up host families, formed relationships with area nonprofits and established community connections.

Matthew also did a social media internship with the nonprofit during the tour through Sweden, Finland and Estonia. He has completed internships involving media relations, corporate social responsibility and community engagement with private firms or nonprofit organizations in Chicago, Charlottesville, Denver and Milwaukee. Matthew worked on the re-election campaign of former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and volunteered his time as a speaker and photographer with the International Rescue Committee in Denver.

Amid the internships and world tour, Matthew found a little time to return to Milwaukee and complete his college career in just seven semesters. He graduated from the Marquette University Honors Program, earning a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication and a minor in Spanish language, literature, and culture.

In his spare time, Matthew is always searching for the next opportunity to combine his dual pursuits of travel and photography. And, while he is no longer performing weekly in a far-flung location, Matthew does serve as co-chair of communications on the Up with People Alumni Association Board of Governors.