Hannah Warren


Whether working in state government or the private sector, Hannah is relentlessly client-focused. She puts a premium on collaboration and on ensuring her team is always striving for success.

Hannah’s personal mantra: “My job is to make your problems disappear.”

The granddaughter of the first female president of the Illinois Press Association, her passion for media and government was cultivated at a young age. Prior to joining the Serafin team, Hannah worked on the communications team for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, where she focused on using social media tools and tactics to advance policy objectives.

In the private sector, Hannah built marketing and outreach plans for a medical industry start-up, including digital/social communications and event coordination.

She started college early, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville before earning her Master of Business Administration at Illinois State University when she was just 21. A winner of the Outstanding MBA Student Award at Illinois State, Hannah led her collegiate teams through large marketing research projects as well as planning and executing marketing strategies for major central Illinois companies.

Her penchant for team-building extends to her volunteer life — Hannah is a longtime fundraising organizer for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life campaign.

A proud Springfield native, she is always ready to help her Chicago friends learn more about the rest of the state. These days, Hannah’s travel itinerary is likely to include walking the streets of Rome or paragliding in Austria. And when she’s not on an adventure, she’s probably lost in a book or fangirling over her favorite author.