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Joshua E. Robbins

Behind every communications triumph, there is a great strategist. And in the world of Illinois public affairs, it’s often Joshua Robbins behind the scenes developing strategy, organizing troops and directing the maneuvers of effective communications supporting the state’s greatest legislative and regulatory coups.

Whether in the offices of state lawmakers or regulators, or in the council chambers of municipal governments across Illinois, Joshua has developed and implemented an extensive array of stakeholder, community, grassroots and customer outreach programs. He finds new and developing platforms to tell our clients’ stories, from new media to social networking, and he guides our clients through such emerging modes of communication with surgical precision.

Joshua also is a master of crisis management, having helped dozens of clients contain the external and internal firestorms resulting from or precipitating crises such as a nationwide product recall.

Through communications and human relations, Joshua has successfully developed strategies to serve a diverse client base including government agencies, nonprofits and utilities, as well as business in manufacturing and technology. His knowledge of community relations, crisis management and organizational communications has aided clients through litigation and organizational change, while helping them pursue proactive relationship-building and positioning.

Additionally, Joshua has managed communications assessments for state agencies, industry, public companies and not-for-profits. His communications expertise includes litigation, zoning/permitting, media relations, corporate contributions, community outreach, critical issues and reputation management.

Joshua began his interest in politics and communications in 1993 when he was appointed student trustee on the Miami University Board of Trustees. He resumed his political journey with George Voinovich’s gubernatorial campaign in 1994. It was there that Joshua honed his ability to work in a fast-paced environment while dealing with aggressive timelines.

Joshua followed that up by becoming director of special communications at the Ohio Bureau Workers’ Compensation  – a $23 billion state insurance agency that employed 3,300 people. Through improved customer service and outreach programs, Joshua played an instrumental role in a massive agency transformation.

In 2004, Joshua was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Achievement for Special Events Programming after developing the concept for and producing a two-hour bipartisan debate between U.S. Senate candidates including then State Senator Barack Obama. Joshua is a member of the Illinois Channel advisory council and lives with his wife, Karen, and their two children in La Grange.


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