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It’s 1976 all over again in governor’s race

This week for Crain’s Chicago Business, Thom offered some historical perspective on the upcoming Gubernatorial Race. Will history repeat itself? Can the Illinois Democratic Party sustain so many potent and clout-heavy challengers? Click here to find out what Thom had to say.

Update (7/5): The piece ran in our state capital’s newspaper, The Springfield Journal-Register,  too!

Thom Serafin on Chicago Gun Violence

Last week, Thom Serafin sat down with ABC 7’s Charles Thomas to discuss the growing epidemic of gun violence in Chicago. As incidents and deaths persist, City Hall’s message of safety and proactive measures comes under intensified scrutiny.  Thom offers his insight into how to put the issue in context without belying the burdensome reality Chicago faces.



For the full story, click here.

Think before you tweet

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