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Illinois Channel visits the Serafin holiday Party

Thom on money and message in the 2014 Illinois gubernatorial campaign

Thom Serafin was featured in a CBS 2 report on Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner’s fundraising. Money plays an integral role in delivering a message, and that’s what we’ve seen so far from Mr. Rauner as the Illinois race continues to heat up.

Thom Talks Illinois Pension Deal on Fox Chicago

Thom Serafin dropped by Fox Chicago to talk about the effects of the new pension deal and how it will impact the Illinois taxpayers and municipalities, particularly the city of Chicago. He also discusses how the 2014 gubernatorial politics factor in.

Thom joins the Fox Chicago Sunday Round Table to discuss Illinois Politics

Thom Serafin dropped by the Fox Chicago studios last Sunday to join their round table and discuss all the latest goings on in Chicago and Illinois politics.

Thom joins CLTV’s Politics Tonight August 15

Thom Serafin was a guest on Politics Tonight after prison sentences were handed down to Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi.

It’s 1976 all over again in governor’s race

This week for Crain’s Chicago Business, Thom offered some historical perspective on the upcoming Gubernatorial Race. Will history repeat itself? Can the Illinois Democratic Party sustain so many potent and clout-heavy challengers? Click here to find out what Thom had to say.

Update (7/5): The piece ran in our state capital’s newspaper, The Springfield Journal-Register,  too!

Thom Serafin on Chicago Gun Violence

Last week, Thom Serafin sat down with ABC 7’s Charles Thomas to discuss the growing epidemic of gun violence in Chicago. As incidents and deaths persist, City Hall’s message of safety and proactive measures comes under intensified scrutiny.  Thom offers his insight into how to put the issue in context without belying the burdensome reality Chicago faces.



For the full story, click here.

Thom Serafin goes ‘live’ during historic inauguration

Screen grab Thom on Fox for Inauguration Jan 21 2013

Chicagoans who tuned in to watch President Obama’s historic second inauguration heard ideas and insight from Thom Serafin, as he joined the news team at Fox Chicago throughout the live-event.  On Obama’s inaugural speech: Thom called it “subtle” and “effective,” but noted it didn’t strike as hard on economic themes as polling data suggested it might. Thom, a fixture at news desks around town, is the local political analyst on-call. He can be seen on television and heard on the radio whenever activity starts bubbling-up in the local, state and national political scenes.

Thom Serafin joins the Good Day Chicago crew to talk about the Congressional races that are heating up

The presidential election is getting all the buzz, but many races for Congress are too close to call. Thom offers his insight on which races we should be keeping an eye on here in Illinois.


Thom breaks down last night’s debate on Fox’s Good Day Chicago

This morning Thom appeared with the crew from Fox's Good Day Chicago to breakdown the results of last night's Obama v Romney debate, Round 2--the aptly named "Town Brawl." Everyone has their winners and losers, and Thom gives some insight into how last night's debate will have an impact on both campaigns, moving forward.

Thom breaks down the VP debate on Good Day Chicago

A fiery Vice Presidential debate, if ever there was one! Much has been said about the heated exchange between Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan, the Congressman from Wisconsin.

Chicago political analyst Thom Serafin breaks down the tape and offers some insight into what they said, how they said it, and what it all means.

Chicago Tonight:Thom weighs in on teacher’s strike PR

Thom joined WTTW’s Chicago Tonight to examine the public relations and conflict communication between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Public Schools during the strike.
Watch the video here.

Susie Gura Gets Philanthropic for the Shedd Aquarium’s Annual BLU

Serafin & Associates’ own Susie Gura put her communication skills to work as the Public Relations Chair for the Shedd Aquarium’s sixth annual auxiliary board fundraiser, BLU, held on July 28, 2012.


All about the economy

August 11, 2012 –  Early this morning, former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney made a bold decision selecting Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his Vice President running mate.

For public affairs specialists like Thom Serafin, though, the Ryan choice indicates a commitment to commandeering one simple election message: it’s all about the economy.

As part of a WTTW (PBS, Chicago) Chicago Tonight panel Thursday, Serafin acknowledged the effective messaging of the Obama campaign, but predicted that a Ryan pick “changes that paradigm.” Serafin said that Ryan’s economic strengths would refocus the campaign squarely on the economy.


Crain’s: Thom’s advice for Jesse Jackson Jr.

In this week’s Crain’s, campaign veteran Thom Serafin shared his take on Jesse Jackson Jr.’s mysterious leave of absence from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Will the younger Jackson weather the media storm surrounding his unexplained absence? Will the public forgive him? Read the full Op-Ed after the jump.


New York Times: Thom shares a list of must-reads

 In today’s New York Times, Thom Serafin shares his list of must-reads ahead of today’s Illinois primaries.

His tip sheet outlines Illinois’s long and recent history of backroom dealing, its economic struggles, the broader implications of Tuesday’s primary and its political geography.

Read more about Thom’s list.


Betsy Sales named to River North Business Association Board of Directors

Betsy Sales, Chief Financial Officer of Serafin & Associates, Inc., was recently named to the River North Business Association Board of Directors for 2012.

The River North Business Association is made up of hundreds of local business owners who work hard to keep River North a top destination for residents and visitors. It offers members opportunities to help their business grow and thrive in this unique place to explore, shop, dine, and stay.

More information about the River North Business Association is available here.

Congratulations Betsy!

Thom Serafin on FOX

Thom Serafin joined Good Day Chicago to talk about the Republican debate in Arizona. Check out what Thom has to say!

Crain’s Shia Kapos: A-list names in business, politics…

Crain’s Shia Kapos on the Chicago holiday party scene:

…The best parties are those that bring together A-list names in business, politics, philanthropy and culture. (more…)

Big John & Amy Goes BIG THOM & Amy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you think you hear a strange voice on the air – you are.  That’s our own Thom Serafin filling in for Big John Howell with Amy Jacobson on Chicago’s AM 560 WIND.  Tune in 5am-9am 12/21 and 12/22.  On the dial at 560 AM or

Serafin on FOX Chicago

Thom Serafin on the final Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucus.  Check him out on FOX Chicago.

Northwest Municipal Conference taps Serafin again

On Aug. 25, Serafin & Associates’ Kelly King, Angela Heuer and Scott Burnham were dispatched to Highland Park to administer the highly competitive putting contest at The Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) Annual Golf Outing.

In May, Serafin & Associates helped the NWMC and a broad coalition of municipal groups from across the state stop efforts to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars from local communities to help pay down the state’s budget deficit. NWMC represents over 1.3 million citizens residing in 41 municipalities throughout Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties.

Serafin on FOX: What’s next for Mayor Emanuel

How will Mayor Emanuel interact with the new City Council? What should Chicago expect from its new mayor? Thom Serafin was on hand to provide these insights and more throughout Inauguration morning at FOX Chicago studios.

Newest member of S&A gets the job done at every level

Serafin & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Gyata Kimmons, former Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Government Relations for Walmart Stores, Inc., has joined S&A as a senior account executive.

Mr. Kimmons is well imbedded in Chicago’s communications, political and civic arenas with experiences ranging from his service in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, to his work as the Director of Community Relations for Chicago’s 2016 Olympics bid.

That experience provides him with unique insight and an ability to understand and communicate with Chicago’s many diverse communities.

Mr. Kimmons also worked as a contract negotiator for the City of Chicago Department of Procurement Services, and as deputy director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs for Chicago Public Schools.

“Mr. Kimmons brings one of a kind experience and insight to our team,” said Thom M. Serafin, President and CEO of Serafin & Associates. “We’re happy to have Mr. Kimmons on our team.”

Responsible for outreach and communication with community groups, advocacy groups and elected officials, Mr. Kimmons has been especially effective working with grassroots constituents to give them a voice in political spheres at all levels.

As part of Serafin & Associates, he’ll apply that knowledge to initiatives that demand an ongoing synergy between Chicago’s communities and the organizations that represent them.

“Bringing Walmart to our city can enable the kind of substantive changes that so many areas are hungry for,” Mr. Kimmons said. “Just the idea of walking to a neighborhood grocery store has a lot of people enthusiastic and we’re excited to make that a reality for them.”

During his time serving as the Assistant to the Mayor in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Mr. Kimmons acted as the bridge between community and religious leaders and their elected officials.

“Not only is Mr. Kimmons a great communicator, he knows the city,” said Serafin. “He knows the neighborhoods, he knows the people and he knows the inner-workings of City Hall. He’ll prove to be a great value to us and to our clients.”

“There are good people working for this city,” said Mr. Kimmons. “When we work together, we do great things for the people and the city of Chicago.”


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